Shelly Smart Home Review

The technical data …

Description Product number Function Dimensions Other
Shelly EM 20210 Switch actuator with current measurement sensor 39x36x17 mm WiFi Energy Meter 50A/120A
Shelly 3EM 20211 3-phase energy and current meter 73x57x22 mm 3-Phase WiFi Energy Meter
Shelly Plug S 20197 Switching socket with current measuring function 44×70 mm WiFi Smart Steckdose
Shelly Button 1 120224 Switch 45x45x16 mm WiFi Push Button Battery Operated
Shelly H&T 20194 Temperature sensor/humidity sensor 35x45x45 mm WiFi Sensor Battery Powered
Shelly Plus 1 1823012 Radio switching actuator 41x36x16 mm 1-channel WLAN wireless switch
Shelly 1PM 20198 Switch actuator with current measurement function 41x36x16 mm 1-channel flush-mounted WLAN radio switch actuator

Shelly Layout, design and features …