Here you will find all EcoFlow tutorials around the EcoFlow devices.

EcoFlow PowerStream Night Power Supply Automation Guide

On we have published a new guide including a detailed YouTube video tutorial on the Funkyhome Channel, where we show how to automate a feed-in at night for the EcoFlow PowerStream inverter when the Powerstation battery is full, which automatically adjusts its output to a desired base load and restores it during the day.

EcoFlow PowerStream, Powerstation, Solar Installation Guide

For the review of the EcoFlow Delta 2 Max, the EcoFlow PowerStream, the EcoFlow Solar Panel and the EcoFlow Smart Plug, we wrote an easy guide on how to connect and set up the power station, how to connect the microinverter, how to install the switchable sockets and give some tips on what to look for when selecting and connecting PV modules in the new guide.

EcoFlow Bluetooth Security Bug Fix Guide

EcoFlow has fixed critical security vulnerabilities in their devices! What exactly happens with this Bluetooth security hole, how to fix the bug with a firmware update, what EcoFlow Mesh and Matter mean, we have explained in a detailed tutorial on and show everything again quite conveniently in a video with English subtitles on our Funkyhome Channel. It is about various devices from EcoFlow, such as the Delta 2, Delta 2 Max, PowerStream, Smart Plug and some more. Be sure … Continue reading

EcoFlow App Guide

For the EcoFlow River 2 Pro Powerstation review, we have written an EcoFlow app guide and describe in it step by step how to install the EcoFlow app, explain the EcoFlow app settings and show how to connect and set up the EcoFlow River 2 Pro. In addition, in the new tutorial on we give some tips on what to look for when setting up the EcoFlow App.