EcoFlow Wave 2 Review

Mobile air conditioning with cooling and heating function! After testing a number of solar modules for power generation and power stations for power storage, today we would like to use electricity with an interesting product. At we are testing the EcoFlow Wave 2 together with the EcoFlow Wave 2 battery and are also showing a video review and a thermal image video on our Funkyhome YouTube Channel in addition to the detailed Wave 2 review.

Thanks for the support …

Thanks for the support to the manufacturer EcoFlow.

At the time of testing, the EcoFlow Wave 2 without battery costs around €899 and an additional 1159 Wh battery costs around €750, although both products are usually available at a lower price as a set (04/2024).

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In addition to the special EcoFlow Wave 2 1.1 kWh additional battery, there are also various expansion batteries with XT160 cable and power stations from EcoFlow, which can either be connected to the Wave 2 via an XT160 cable or connected to the power station via a mains cable, as well as several solar panel versions from EcoFlow.

Tip: Instead of buying the products individually, as an end customer in Germany it is best to order complete sets or at least put everything together in a shopping cart, from the battery to the inverter to the solar panel, as there may even be 0% VAT here. All the exact details can be found at the Federal Ministry of Finance and at the respective store where the products are purchased. But beware, at the time of testing, there is still a limit of 600 watts for a micro inverter in Germany, whereby the operation of an 800 watt MWR as a balcony power plant is not yet permitted and mobile solar modules under 300 watts for camping purposes are also not exempt from VAT, at least according to the Federal Ministry of Finance.

What EcoFlow Wave 2 is all about …

EcoFlow Smart Extra Battery with a capacity of 2048 Wh directly via the XT150 connection. But we’ll come back to that in the course of the test. Nothing stands in the way of a cool tent or warm caravan, but even cooling off on the terrace is possible and with the XT60 connection, even a direct DC connection to the car or solar module (see here in the test) is possible.

The delivery of the Wave 2 …

After placing the order, we received the EcoFlow Wave 2 safe and sound in this rather large box. The Wave 2 battery box also shows a schematic illustration so that you can immediately recognize the contents.

Let’s take a look inside the Wave 2 box, which is divided into several levels. The top level contains some of the accessories.

The Wave 2 air conditioning can be lifted out of the box directly underneath.

And there is also an exhaust air panel in the lowest foam element.

This is included in the Wave 2 scope of delivery …

In addition to the actual device, the Wave 2 scope of delivery includes a quick start guide, safety instructions, warranty card, 3x exhaust air duct adapters, an exhaust air duct up to 1.40 meters long with a diameter of 127 mm and one with a diameter of 150 mm, an exhaust hose, a window ventilation plate and a holder for the power cable.

The delivery of the Wave 2 1159 Wh battery …

This flat box contains the additional 1159 Wh battery shown here, which can be attached under the Wave 2.

First of all, the instructions are visible when you open the box – that’s how it should be!

The battery and the extremely short XT150 connection cable are already visible under the foam element.

Here you can see the complete scope of delivery again. As the XT150 charging cable is designed exactly for this battery for mounting under the Wave 2, the cable length fits perfectly. If you need a larger capacity, you can also use the EcoFlow Delta 2 Max additional battery and the longer EcoFlow XT150 charging cable.

EcoFlow Wave 2 Video …

If you want to sit back and relax and watch a video about EcoFlow Wave 2 air conditioning, you can watch the EcoFlow Wave2 video on our Funkyhome YouTube channel here. Here you can go directly to the EcoFlow Wave2 thermal imaging video, here to the EcoFlow Delta 2 Max Powerstation video and here you can see an EcoFlow Delta 2 Max additional battery video, which you can also connect to the Wave 2.
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EcoFlow Wave 2 technical details …