IKEA Frekvens Hack Guide

In this guide, we show you how to convert the small LED cube called IKEA Frekvens with an ESP controller. In its original design, the LED matrix cube can display various patterns via the integrated LEDs, which react to ambient noise via a built-in microphone. There are other matching devices such as the Spot or the Bluetooth speakers from IKEA that can be combined with it. Today on Funkyhome.de we show you how to build a clock from the Frekvens LED matrix with the IKEA Frekvens hack.

Thanks for the support …

Thanks for the support to Jean Luc.

The IKEA Frekvens Multi-lighting Cube has at review date a price of approx. 39,99 Euro.

Here you can buy the IKEA Frekvens LED Cube. *Ad

Notes on the IKEA Frekvens hack …

Caution! An appliance operated with 230 volts may only be opened by electricians or specialists! The IKEA Frekvens hack will also invalidate the warranty. We accept no liability.

The delivery of the IKEA Frekvens …

The device arrived well packaged by post.

The reverse already shows a few examples.

The box contains the device itself, a power cable and a connection cable to supply another device with power.

In addition, a few screws, feet and connecting elements to be able to combine several devices.

We continue with the disassembly.

IKEA Frekvens Disassembly …