Shelly Smart Home Review

Result and general impression …

Overall, we find the tested Shelly Smart Home devices Shelly EM, Shelly 3EM, Shelly Plug S, Shelly Button 1, Shelly HT, Shelly Plus 1 and Shelly 1PM highly recommended!

The setup can sometimes be a little tricky, try several times if necessary. Once the Shelly devices are set up, they work well and stable.

In order to give a better Shelly overview, this time we have created a small pro & con Shelly list:

+ Price/performance is very good.
+ No special base station/hub necessary.
+ There is a large community, also regarding integration into own smarthome systems.
+ Alternative firmware, MQTT broker possible.
+ Meanwhile a lot of different components.
+ Standard functions relatively easy to program, without special programming knowledge.

– Sometimes the integration does not work right away.
– Consumption data is only saved if you use the Shelly cloud.
– Measurement data is only saved and displayed at 1h intervals.

We find the Shelly products highly recommendable and award the tested Shelly products with this very good price/performance ratio the Price Tip Award 09/2022!

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