Shelly BLU Door/Window and Shelly H&T Gen3 Review

Today on we are taking a look at some sensors from the Shelly Smart Home series. This time we are testing the small Shelly BLU Door/Window and the brand new Shelly H&T Gen3. The Shelly BLU Door/Window is a pure Bluetooth door and window contact with tilt sensor and brightness measurement. The Shelly H&T Gen3 is a WiFi and Bluetooth humidity and temperature sensor with an e-Ink display. In the Shelly installation guide you can also read how to program Shelly devices. There is additionally a new Shelly BLU and H&T Gen3 guide with practical examples. We also used a Shelly Plug-S Plus and a Shelly TRV thermostat for this test.

Thanks for the support …

Thanks for the support to mkeller0815 and the manufacturer Shelly.

The Shelly BLU Door/Window currently has a price of 20 Euro and the Shelly H&T of approx. 38 Euro. The Shelly Plug-S Plus 2 has at review date a price of approx. 22 Euro, but will be cheaper if you buy it in a multiple pack. According to the manufacturer, the Shelly TRV thermostat will be replaced by a new generation, but this is not yet available (as of 04/2024). The last generation is still available from various retailers for around 65 Euro and the devices are supported by the Shelly app without any problems. As soon as the new generation of TRV thermostats is available, we will certainly test them on

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Introduction – What the Shelly devices can do …

In the previous Shelly Smart Home test and our German-language Shelly guide, we have already shown how the Shelly devices can be integrated directly into an existing Wi-Fi network without the need for a separate base station or hub. This is still the case with the Shelly Plug-S Plus, the H&T and the thermostat. However, the devices from the Shelly BLU series, such as the tested Shelly BLU Door/Window, are pure Bluetooth devices. As a result, there are some special features to consider with the Shelly BLU sensors, which we will look at in more detail during the test.

There are several ways to operate or read out the individual devices:
– Via app.
– Via the Shelly Cloud homepage.
– Directly in the network via IP address (except for BLU Door/Window)
– With alternative smart home systems (MQTT broker).
– Via integration into systems such as Alexa, Google Home, Apple Home.

This time we take a closer look at the following components:
– Shelly BLU Door/Window
– Shelly H&T Gen3
– Shelly Plug-S Plus
– Shelly TRV Thermostat

Scope of delivery …

Unfortunately, not all products come with batteries. Four AA batteries are required for the Shelly H&T Gen3, but the device can also be operated without batteries via USB-C connection.
The CR2032 battery is included with the Shelly BLU Door/Window and is already installed ready for use.

The Shelly BLU Door/Window is supplied in a very small cardboard box.

The box contains a small magnet, the Shelly sensor, instructions and a Shelly QR code. There are also two-sided stickers for mounting.

The ShellyH&T Gen3 is supplied in a small white box.

In addition to the device itself, a small stand, the operating instructions and the obligatory QR code are included.

Before we get down to the nitty-gritty, let’s first look at the technical data.

Shelly BLU Door/Window and Shelly H&T Gen3 technical details …