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J-Wall Smarthome Central Building Guide

Many people have already built a smarthome in their condo or house and would like to have a clear control of all smarthome components and perhaps even video surveillance and a central sound system in the house. We at have taken a close look at this and today we are starting with a complete tutorial on how to build a central Smarthome control on the wall or rather in the wall. We will not only show you how to … Continue reading

Steinel CAM Light L 600 Camera Review

With the Steinel CAM light L 600 we test on another solution for WiFi video surveillance with recording for outdoor use. The Steinel CAM light is a chic outdoor lamp with WiFi surveillance camera that can be accessed via an iOS or Android based smartphone or tablet. In the following Steinel CAM light test, we will see whether the lamp with motion detector and camera from Steinel can convince us. We have also published an SD and an HD … Continue reading

Homematic Door-Window Sensor Review

After the Homematic Window Rotary Handle Sensor Review, we now have several optical radio door/window sensors as ready-to-use devices and kits tested. This is because the monitoring of window and door handles is effective, but also much more cost-intensive than the much cheaper window sensors and can also determine whether a door or window is really open or closed. We from think that the Window Sensors are an useful extension to save heating costs as well as help with … Continue reading

Homematic Window Sensor Programming Guide

In the following tutorial we show how to create programs for the eQ-3 Homematic Window Sensor to transmit the state of windows and doors to a display, for example by means of system variables. You can also link Window Sensor directly to the Homematic radiator thermostat to save heating costs in winter by automatically lowering the thermostat when the window is open and then raising the thermostat again. How this works, we show in the new Smarthome Tutorial.

Homematic Window Sensor Teaching Guide

In the new tutorial for learning the Homematic Window Sensor for beginners we show on how to teach a eQ-3 Homematic Window Sensor to the Homematic CCU2 control unit, how to set up the wireless door contact or window sensor and how to solve possible problems with the Homematic Window Sensor.

Homematic Window Rotary Handle Sensor Review

In the previous Homematic Shutter Actuator review we have already described in detail how to program a Shutter Actuator. However, despite monitoring the window and door contacts a serious problem could occur: You lock yourself out of your own house! If, for example, you lower the shutters at a certain time in the evening and are in the garden having a barbecue, you will be locked out of the house. Good for those who control their smart home via their … Continue reading

Homematic Window Rotary Handle Sensor Programming Guide

In the following instructions we will show especially newcomers how to create programs for the eQ-3 Window Rotary Handle Sensor so that the shutters only lower when the balcony door is really locked and you are not in the garden. We also show an example in the programming instructions of how to lock the Homematic Shutter Actuator as soon as a window or door is opened or tilted.

Homematic Window Rotary Handle Sensor Teaching Guide

In this small Homematic Window Rotary Handle Sensor Teaching Tutorial for newcomers we show today on how to teach a rotary handle contact from eQ-3 to the Homematic CCU2 control unit, how to set up the Wireless Window Rotary Handle Sensor and how to solve possible Homematic rotary handle contact problems.

Homematic OLED Status Display Review

After the previous Homematic E-Paper Display Review, we are now looking at the Homematic wireless OLED status display as kit on! The OLED wireless display can be mounted like the E-Ink wireless display surface-mounted, in-wall or in a separately available table display. The display differs fundamentally from the previously tested smarthome status display from Homematic, because it offers a full color graphic display that shows previously programmed data at the touch of a button. And in order to avoid … Continue reading