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EcoFlow Delta 2 Max Smart Extra Battery Review

Affordable Battery for PowerStream and Powerstation! After a few hours of operation with the EcoFlow Delta 2 Max and the PowerStream in the previous review, today we would like to take a look at the Delta 2 Max Smart Extra Battery 2kWh extra battery on First of all, although it sounds like a pure upgrade battery of the Delta 2 Max Powerstation to 4kWh, in many cases it may even be a low-cost competitor to the EcoFlow Powerstation!

Solar Solutions 2023 Video Coverage

From 29 to 30 November 2023, the Solar Solutions 2023 trade fair took place again in Duesseldorf. went to Solar Solutions 2023 and to an EcoFlow event for publishing a detailed video. In the Solar Solutions 2023 video with our own music, we show PV systems, balcony power plants, power stations, inverters, mounting systems, robots for solar cleaning, solar managers, charging stations for e-cars and much more!

EcoFlow Delta 2 Max 2 kWh Smart Extra Battery Video

On our Funkyhome YouTube Channel we have just published a new video with English subtitles about the EcoFlow 2 kWh extra battery. We connect the intelligent expansion battery to a Powerstream microinverter for home grid supply and also expand the EcoFlow Delta 2 Max with the Extra Battery. In the video we also show a firmware update and give tips on the 600 watt grid feed and the balcony power plant upgrade to 800 watts. We will soon be showing … Continue reading

Power Queen P300W Powerstation Review

Following the recently published Power Queen P300W video, now has the detailed Power Queen Powerstation test including Short on Powerstation sound and performance. In the following Power Queen P300W review, we loaded the Powerstation differently, connected it to a solar panel, fully discharged it, fully charged it and gave a few tips on how to use the Powerstation correctly. We will now show you the advantages and disadvantages of this oversized power bank or undersized power station in the … Continue reading

EcoFlow PowerStream Review with Solar Panel, Smart Plug and Delta 2 Max Review

600-800W inverter with 2kWh battery, solar panels and energy management! After the EcoFlow Delta 2 Max video and the EcoFlow PowerStream video, today has published the detailed EcoFlow Delta 2 Max Powerstation test including EcoFlow 800W PowerStream test, EcoFlow Smart Plug test and EcoFlow 4x 100W solar panel review. We show in the review some advantages and disadvantages of this comprehensive microinverter with battery solution and have a look at everything up to the final installation of the solar … Continue reading

EcoFlow PowerStream, Powerstation, Solar Installation Guide

For the review of the EcoFlow Delta 2 Max, the EcoFlow PowerStream, the EcoFlow Solar Panel and the EcoFlow Smart Plug, we wrote an easy guide on how to connect and set up the power station, how to connect the microinverter, how to install the switchable sockets and give some tips on what to look for when selecting and connecting PV modules in the new guide.

EcoFlow Bluetooth Security Bug Fix Guide

EcoFlow has fixed critical security vulnerabilities in their devices! What exactly happens with this Bluetooth security hole, how to fix the bug with a firmware update, what EcoFlow Mesh and Matter mean, we have explained in a detailed tutorial on and show everything again quite conveniently in a video with English subtitles on our Funkyhome Channel. It is about various devices from EcoFlow, such as the Delta 2, Delta 2 Max, PowerStream, Smart Plug and some more. Be sure … Continue reading

Caravan Salon 2023 Video Coverage

From 25 August to 03 September 2023 with the Caravan Salon 2023 in Duesseldorf again one of the most famous trade fairs for mobile travel takes place. The team has immediately made its way to Caravan23 to publish a detailed Caravan Salon 2023 video with their own music and pictures of some caravans, campers, living cabins, camping accessories, mobile PV power plants and power stations. This is something you should have seen!

EcoFlow PowerStream with Smart Plug, Battery and Solar Panel Video

On our Funkyhome YouTube Channel we show a new video with English subtitles, where we assemble the very special EcoFlow PowerStream microinverter with battery, solar panel and power management via Smart Plugs to a balcony power plant with battery, which feeds the power during the day by solar panels into the house grid and in the evening or at stronger power demand by the 2kWh Delta 2 Max power station into the house grid. We will soon show you the … Continue reading