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EcoFlow Wave 2 Review

Mobile air conditioning with cooling and heating function! After testing a number of solar modules for power generation and power stations for power storage, today we would like to use electricity with an interesting product. At Funkyhome.de we are testing the EcoFlow Wave 2 together with the EcoFlow Wave 2 battery and are also showing a video review and a thermal image video on our Funkyhome YouTube Channel in addition to the detailed Wave 2 review.

EcoFlow Wave 2 Mobile Air Conditioner Video

Mobile air conditioning with battery! On our Funkyhome YouTube Channel we have just published a new video with English subtitles about the mobile Wave 2 air conditioner from EcoFlow. We also take a look at the EcoFlow Wave 2 additional battery with 1159 Wh capacity, which can be connected directly to the air conditioner and charged via a socket, car or solar panel. The detailed Wave 2 review will be published soon on Funkyhome.de!

EcoFlow Delta 2 Max 2 kWh Smart Extra Battery Video

On our Funkyhome YouTube Channel we have just published a new video with English subtitles about the EcoFlow 2 kWh extra battery. We connect the intelligent expansion battery to a Powerstream microinverter for home grid supply and also expand the EcoFlow Delta 2 Max with the Extra Battery. In the video we also show a firmware update and give tips on the 600 watt grid feed and the balcony power plant upgrade to 800 watts. We will soon be showing … Continue reading

EcoFlow PowerStream with Smart Plug, Battery and Solar Panel Video

On our Funkyhome YouTube Channel we show a new video with English subtitles, where we assemble the very special EcoFlow PowerStream microinverter with battery, solar panel and power management via Smart Plugs to a balcony power plant with battery, which feeds the power during the day by solar panels into the house grid and in the evening or at stronger power demand by the 2kWh Delta 2 Max power station into the house grid. We will soon show you the … Continue reading

EcoFlow River 2 Pro Powerstation Review with Solar Panel Review

After the recently published EcoFlow River 2 Pro with 220W solar video and the EcoFlow app instructions, there is today on Funkyhome.de the detailed EcoFlow power station test including EcoFlow solar panel test. In the following EcoFlow River 2 Pro Powerstation test with 220W solar panel, we show what advantages and disadvantages this interesting solution offers and when such a purchase is worthwhile. In addition, there are a few tips on the power station fan volume including a thermal image … Continue reading

EcoFlow River 2 Pro Powerstation and 220W Solar Panel Video

On our new Funkyhome YouTube Channel we published an awesome video about a very interesting powerstation for mobile use in your home or camping. We test the EcoFlow River 2 Pro Powerstation with foldable, bifacial 220W solar panel and a Shelly 3EM for power measurement and as a solar manager for a cheap energy management of an existing solar system. The detailed review of this new EcoFlow Powerstation with EcoFlow Solar Panel will follow soon on Funkyhome.de!

Berner GA101 Battery Solar Garage Door Opener Installation Guide

Today we have published the next detailed step by step guide about electric garage door opener installation as written instructions and additionally as a video tutorial on Funkyhome. This time we install the solar panel including charge controller and battery holder of the Berner GA101 battery solar garage door opener, install LED lighting, install the emergency release, integrate the garage door opener into the smarthome and put everything into operation together in the 10 minute instruction video. Enjoy and thank … Continue reading