Here you will find all tutorials around the Homematic products.

Homematic E-Paper Display Programming Guide

In the following tutorial, we will mainly show novices how to create programs for the Homematic E-Paper Display, for example to display the status of windows and shutters. A short press of the buttons will query the values and a long press will raise or lower all the roller shutters in the house.

Homematic E-Paper Display Teaching Guide

In this small Homematic E-Paper Status Display Teaching Tutorial for beginners we show today on Funkyhome.de how to teach-in the Homematic HM-Dis-EP-WM55 E-Paper status display to the Homematic CCU2 control unit and how to set up the wireless E-Paper status display.

Homematic Radiator Thermostat Teaching Guide

In this small Homematic Thermostat teaching tutorial on Funkyhome.de we show newcomers how to teach-in a Homematic radiator thermostat to the Homematic control unit and how to set up the radio thermostat. Furthermore, we give tips on how to upgrade the radiator thermostat.