Funkyhome.de tutorials around Home Automation and Smarthome products for intelligent home control.

Homematic E-Paper Display Programming Guide

In the following tutorial, we will mainly show novices how to create programs for the Homematic E-Paper Display, for example to display the status of windows and shutters. A short press of the buttons will query the values and a long press will raise or lower all the roller shutters in the house.

Homematic E-Paper Display Teaching Guide

In this small Homematic E-Paper Status Display Teaching Tutorial for beginners we show today on Funkyhome.de how to teach-in the Homematic HM-Dis-EP-WM55 E-Paper status display to the Homematic CCU2 control unit and how to set up the wireless E-Paper status display.

Homematic Radiator Thermostat Teaching Guide

In this small Homematic Thermostat teaching tutorial on Funkyhome.de we show newcomers how to teach-in a Homematic radiator thermostat to the Homematic control unit and how to set up the radio thermostat. Furthermore, we give tips on how to upgrade the radiator thermostat.

Funkyhome Online Magazine

The Funkyhome.de online magazine has been published for international visitors in English! Before we get down to business, we would like to briefly explain what Funkyhome is all about, what we will show on Funkyhome.de in the next days, weeks, months and years and how the Funky Home Online Magazine came about. Nowadays one can automate its home inexpensively, thus control for example the light, shutters, heating thermostats or similar. But at least when you buy a house, there are … Continue reading

ESP8266 LED Switch Tutorial

Now we would like to explain the steps to convert the WLAN ESP8266 module into a controller for Smart Energy devices. In this WLAN ESP8266 LED Switching tutorial we explain step by step how to control LEDs with the WLAN ESP8266 module via smartphone.