Here you can find all guides around the WLAN ESP8266 and ESP32 modules.

IKEA Frekvens Hack Guide

In this guide, we show you how to convert the small LED cube called IKEA Frekvens with an ESP controller. In its original design, the LED matrix cube can display various patterns via the integrated LEDs, which react to ambient noise via a built-in microphone. There are other matching devices such as the Spot or the Bluetooth speakers from IKEA that can be combined with it. Today on we show you how to build a clock from the Frekvens … Continue reading

ESP8266 LED Switch Tutorial

Now we would like to explain the steps to convert the WLAN ESP8266 module into a controller for Smart Energy devices. In this WLAN ESP8266 LED Switching tutorial we explain step by step how to control LEDs with the WLAN ESP8266 module via smartphone.

ESP8266 Blynk Server Installation Guide

In the following chapter we want to show you how to switch a channel with the WLAN ESP8266 module and the software Blynk to control home devices. The procedure is divided into three stations: The server, the mobile device and of course the ESP8266 itself. Let’s start with the server.

ESP8266 Software Installation Tutorial

To work with the WLAN ESP8266 module there are several programs available. In this little tutorial we show you which software you need to run the WLAN ESP8266 module, offer WLAN ESP8266 software download sources and show you how to install it.