Berner GA101 Battery Solar Garage Door Opener Installation Guide

Today we have published the next detailed step by step guide about electric garage door opener installation as written instructions and additionally as a video tutorial on Funkyhome. This time we install the solar panel including charge controller and battery holder of the Berner GA101 battery solar garage door opener, install LED lighting, install the emergency release, integrate the garage door opener into the smarthome and put everything into operation together in the 10 minute instruction video. Enjoy and thank you for liking, sharing and subscribing to our new Funkyhome YouTube Channel.

Thanks for the support …

Thanks for the support to the company Berner.

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Install Garage Door Opener with Solar Panel Video Tutorial …

If you want to sit back comfortably and watch the video, we have created the approximately 10 minute video on our new Funkyhome YouTube channel. The instruction video shows step by step instructions for solar panel installation, solar charge controller installation and connection, conversion to LED lighting, emergency release installation, garage door opener integration into the Smarthome and initial operation.
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