Berner GA101 Battery Solar Garage Door Opener Review

Layout, design and features …

Depending on the version, the Berner GA101 garage door opener is available with rechargeable battery and even solar panel.

Here you can see again very nicely the cleanly processed drive head together with the control unit and the drive shaft.

You can either open the front flap by loosening one screw to get access to the lamp, or after loosening the 4 side screws you can remove the complete drive head cover and get access to the motor including the gearbox and the control electronics.

Here you can see very nicely the control unit including the lighting, piezzo buzzer, DIP switch to select the external lighting (DIL A) and to select the gate type (DIL B) sectional gate OFF for a short soft stop or up-and-over gate ON for a long soft stop. As well as the T buttons for programming the end positions and the P button for teaching a hand-held transmitter. Unfortunately, only one transmitter signal can be programmed and then all other hand-held transmitters must be programmed from this transmitter signal. Of course, it is recommended to start with a fixed code and then to program all further transmitters that can be learned from this code.

The Berner GA101 is well suited for battery operation due to its low power consumption, this is how the 24V battery unit looks.

Included are two conventional Panasonic LC-CA1215P1 12V 15 Ah lead-fleece batteries connected in series and fused.

The optionally available solar module is supplied with charge controller and bracket.

In our case, it is a Solarc CSM72.1350 13.5W 36V panel with a size of 370x350x25mm (item no. 4510424).

The BHS121 handheld transmitter has 2 buttons, but with this control unit they can only be used with one signal.

For this to succeed, you need at least one more remote control or handheld transmitter. How to then transfer the signal from one handheld transmitter to a second handheld transmitter or from a fixed code transmitter to a handheld transmitter, we show in the new video of the Funkyhome YouTube Channel.

Zweiten Garagentor Handsender anlernen Anleitung
Watch this video on YouTube.

If you want, you can optionally install a BHS421 wall transmitter, which is fortunately learning.

Very practical is also the illuminated 4-channel radio code switch BHS591 for opening the garage by means of a key code.

However, the BHS591 is not teachable, but only works bidirectionally with fixed code 868 MHz. This means that it must first be taught to the drive unit and then the handheld transmitters must also be taught with this fixed code. The memory of the radio code switch contains 10 bidirectional (BiSure) and 10 fixed code (Blueline) radio codes. By the way, the standard master code is 12345 and should of course be changed immediately.

We have reordered this BHS211 handheld transmitter Blue Car1.

So small is the actual transmitter together with the CR2025 button cell. But also this BHS211 is unfortunately a non-learnable fixed code transmitter, that means you have to decide which fixed code transmitter you want to learn at the drive unit!

The Berner BHS211 can be used either in the car or on the motorcycle, if it has a cigarette lighter.

Also very interesting is this small relay board, which has already been provided with the important free-wheeling diodes. With the Hoermann PR1 module you can control external devices such as garage lighting or yard lighting potential-free via a separate power supply.

Who has a wicket door in his garage door, should also necessarily install the Berner STV-ST wicket door fuse, so that the garage door can in no case with an open door up, but in the event of interruption of the contacts prevents the garage door up. Alternatively, you could also realize the Smarthome integration with it, but we have integrated with a window contact in the Smarthome.

Now let’s move on to the Berner GA101 Akku Solar test in practice.

Berner GA101 Battery Solar Garage Door Opener Practical testing …