Berner GA101 Battery Solar Garage Door Opener Review

After the electric garage door opener unboxing, garage door opener installation and battery solar installation along with some videos, today we come to the final electric garage door opener review for garages without electricity.

Berner GA101 Battery Solar Garage Door Opener Costs …

The Berner GA101 Battery Solar Garage Door Opener GA101 Akku Solar V2 has depending on the version at review date a price of approx. 550 to 1000 Euro.

The GA101 Battery Solar V2 is intended as a special solution for garages without electricity and solutions such as Berner GA102, GA203 and GA403 offer even more comfort and higher tractive force up to 1000N at a door size up to 15m².

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Videos about electric garage door opener …

We have already created several videos about Berner GA101 garage door opener in the Funkyhome YouTube Channel. Starting from the garage door opener unboxing to the garage door opener installation and setup as well as the subsequent expansion including battery and solar panel power supply, in case you don’t have a power outlet in your garage.

The delivery of the garage door opener …

As mentioned in the Unboxing, in the Garage Door Opener Installation Guide and in the Battery Solar Garage Door Opener Installation Guide, we ordered a few more products in addition to the garage door opener. Here’s how everything was delivered.

So let’s start by unpacking the Berner GA101 battery solar components.

One of the most important components is the actual Berner GA101 garage door opener, which comes with a power supply and a handheld transmitter.

The 24V 1500mA power supply can be used to directly charge the battery, which comes in another box along with a holder.

If you order the solar panel, it comes with a matching charge controller and solar panel mount.

However, since we also wanted to get an overview of how to optionally expand the garage door opener, we also ordered a few additional products. Here you can see the Berner BHS121 2-command handheld transmitter unidirectional learning 2905030, the Berner BHS421 2-command fixed code learning 2901898, the Berner BHS591 radio code button fixed code 2901906, the Berner SLÜ23/2 mini key switch AP IP54 aluminum 2902100, the Berner STV-ST wicket door safety device and the Hoermann PR1 relay board 437130. We also ordered a Berner BHS211 handheld transmitter Blue Car1 2901895, which is also very practical for a motorcycle.

But why actually Hoermann? The Berner company has been part of the Hoermann Group since 2003.

By the way, there are numerous other products from Berner, such as the Berner BDS591 bidirectional radio code switch or even a Berner FFL12 wireless finger scan system, a Berner BDE415 bidirectional socket outlet receiver if you want to use other products or third-party drives, EL101/EL301/EWLS AP4 photoelectric sensors, a TL40RD/GR LED traffic light or even a Berner 2906112 box as a LAN or Internet interface and Berner BiSure radio technology. Internet interface and Berner BiSure radio technology, which can be controlled with the Berner Secure Mobile App. However, you should carefully check which products are compatible with each other before buying. Also, we will return to the important point of “fixed code” and “learning” in the further course of the test.

Important note …

Safety instructions can be found in the respective manuals. In addition, you should check exactly which garage door drive is best suited to your own garage door. In the specialized trade there is the necessary advice and one should undertake the construction of such a system only with the necessary expertise. Of course, we have also shown a few tips and suggestions in our installation instructions, which you should look at and / or read through before buying.

Now let’s get to the technical details of the Berner GA101 Battery Solar Garage Door Opener.

Berner GA101 Battery Solar Garage Door Opener Details …