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Homematic OLED Display Teaching Guide

In this small Homematic OLED Status Display Teaching Tutorial for beginners we show today on how to connect the recently tested Homematic HM-Dis-WM55 OLED Status Display to the Homematic control unit and how to set up the wireless OLED Status Display.

Velux Heat Protection Awning Review

We haven’t had such a warm spring like this for a long time! And so some of us in the top floor are probably plagued by too high temperatures. Anyone who has put his bedroom, children’s room or office up there will certainly be happy about any drop in temperature. Of course, if the temperature in the top floor is too high or too low, the roof insulation also plays a role, but not only that. If you look at … Continue reading

Homematic E-Paper Display Review

Today we are testing at the Homematic Wireless E-Paper status display as a kit for installation in or on a conventional flush-mounted box or as standalone desktop display. Anyone who has already equipped their home with some automation components such as the Homematic shutter actuators, window contacts or radiator thermostats will certainly want to display a status on a display. Homematic offers various displays that have different advantages and disadvantages. We hope you enjoy reading the new E-Paper Display … Continue reading

Homematic E-Paper Display Programming Guide

In the following tutorial, we will mainly show novices how to create programs for the Homematic E-Paper Display, for example to display the status of windows and shutters. A short press of the buttons will query the values and a long press will raise or lower all the roller shutters in the house.

Homematic E-Paper Display Teaching Guide

In this small Homematic E-Paper Status Display Teaching Tutorial for beginners we show today on how to teach-in the Homematic HM-Dis-EP-WM55 E-Paper status display to the Homematic CCU2 control unit and how to set up the wireless E-Paper status display.

Homematic Shutter Actuator Review

After the Homematic radiator thermostat we are testing another important wireless actuator on today and that is the Homematic HM-LC-BI1PBU-FM Wireless Shutter Actuator as a kit as well as a ready-to-use device. If you want to operate your marquee, blind or roller shutter, you can buy a simple roller shutter timer. However, if you want to program it comfortably on your PC or via smartphone app, you should take a look at this wireless shutter actuator from Homematic. Just … Continue reading

Homematic Radiator Thermostat Review

Today we test on the Homematic HM-CC-RT-DN wireless radiator thermostat as kit. Radiator thermostats certainly belong to the most important elements of a smart home. For many it is certainly one of the reasons to begin a Smarthome, because the advantages of an intelligent heating control are obvious: One can temporally determine, when which radiator in the house is adjusted to the desired temperatures. This increases living comfort and saves money on heating. With the kit one can save … Continue reading