EcoFlow PowerStream, Powerstation, Solar Installation Guide

EcoFlow Smart Plug installation …

The picture shows the EcoFlow Smart Plug with button and integrated LED, which indicates with a green glow that the connected device is supplied with power. A short press on the button switches the device off again. There is also a sticker on the side with the maximum allowed power of 2400 watts and a QR code for clear identification.

After plugging the smart plug into the outlet, the EcoFlow Smart Plug is automatically recognized in the EcoFlow app.

Now you can add the smart plug to the EcoFlow Cloud or continue to operate it via Bluetooth only if desired. If there are problems with the connection to the router, we have here in the EcoFlow Bluetooth security hole fix guide under EcoFlow firmware update failed still a few tips ready.

Now you can assign a name to the smart plug via the menu and also operate it via the app. You can also see immediately how much power is needed at the switchable socket, which is very important for the power management of the PowerStream, which we explain in Practical testing.

Speaking of security vulnerability – as long as you don’t disable the mesh feature (see EcoFlow Bluetooth security vulnerability fix video), the EcoFlow Smart Plug can also be accessed using Matter protocol. However, this is not required for use with the EcoFlow app, so you can enable mesh to improve Wi-Fi range and reduce the load on the router.

We have now connected all the important components and will show some more possibilities of the extremely interesting home solution for power generation including storage in the Practical testing of our EcoFlow PowerStream test with solar panel, Smart Plug and Delta 2 Max test.

EcoFlow Installation Result and general impression …