EcoFlow PowerStream, Powerstation, Solar Installation Guide

Connect EcoFlow PowerStream inverter …

Now we can already connect everything. Those who have ordered the PowerStream can already connect the supplied cables to the PowerStream. It is important when connecting that all devices are switched off.

Caution: A very important note on the power cable should be heeded! Because the power connection cable of the inverter must not be plugged in any case to the AC output of the Powerstation! Yes, it would fit, but the BKW inverter would feed current into the output of the Powerstation and of course you are not allowed to do that, because you are only allowed to feed current into the AC input. So don’t try it, it will definitely go wrong!

Special, waterproof plugs were used on the PowerStream, which were provided with a lock on the microinverter so that they could not accidentally come loose. This is because a microinverter could well be mounted in a poorly accessible location, for example on the roof. The plugs can be loosened using the tool supplied, which is located in the PowerStream lid.

However, the length of the connection cable from the PowerStream to the battery or the power station will probably not be enough for the PowerStream. The optionally available cable that connects the PowerStream with its power station is only a few centimeters short. The PowerStream connection cable is available in different versions for different EcoFlow power stations, such as the EFL-BKWRIVERCable, which could theoretically also be used universally with power stations from other manufacturers.

This BKW-River connection cable between PowerStream and the River 2 Pro is only about 50cm short.

This is despite the fact that it cannot output 600 watts via the 12-volt on-board socket (cigarette lighter), but only just under 100 watts anyway. This is how the PowerStream looks on an EcoFlow River 2 Pro.

Tip: With the BKW-River connection cable, you could theoretically also manage to upgrade an EcoFlow Delta 2 Max Powerstation with two additional batteries to a total of 6 kWh and still be able to supply power to the domestic grid via a PowerStream inverter – although unfortunately only with 100 watts via the car connection. This is certainly only a workaround, but until EcoFlow brings a corresponding XT150 Y-cable onto the market or offers the EcoFlow Delta 3 Max or similar with three EcoFlow XT150 connections.

The BKW-Delta EB connection cable between PowerStream and the Delta 2 Max is only about 40cm short.

By the way, it can “only” transfer 600 watts to and from the battery even with an 800 watt PowerStream microinverter. This is how the PowerStream looks on the Delta 2 Max Powerstation.

In Practical testing, we also show possible settings such as the power supply mode, which can be used to prioritize the power supply or the power storage.

Let’s move on to the solar panel installation on the next page.

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