EcoFlow PowerStream Review with Solar Panel, Smart Plug and Delta 2 Max Review

600-800W inverter with 2kWh battery, solar panels and energy management! After the EcoFlow Delta 2 Max video and the EcoFlow PowerStream video, today has published the detailed EcoFlow Delta 2 Max Powerstation test including EcoFlow 800W PowerStream test, EcoFlow Smart Plug test and EcoFlow 4x 100W solar panel review. We show in the review some advantages and disadvantages of this comprehensive microinverter with battery solution and have a look at everything up to the final installation of the solar panels.

Thanks for the support …

Thanks for the support to the Manufacturer EcoFlow.

The EcoFlow Delta 2 Max Powerstation EFD350 with 2048Wh is priced at around 1999 Euro at the review date, the next smaller Delta 2 with 1024Wh is currently priced at around 999 Euro (09/2023).

Here you can buy the EcoFlow Delta 2 Powerstation. *Ad

EcoFlow’s microinverter comes in two power versions, with the EcoFlow PowerStream 800W microinverter available for about 350 Euro and the 600W version for about 300 Euro (09/2023).

Here you can buy the EcoFlow PowerStream. *Ad

Additionally, there are several solar panels from EcoFlow, with the EcoFlow 100W Flexible Solar Panel ZMS330 we tested available for about 140 Euro each (09/2023).

Here you can buy the EcoFlow 100W Flexibles Solarpanel. *Ad

In addition, there are EcoFlow Smart Plugs for about 35 Euro each (09/2023).

Here you can buy the EcoFlow Smart Plugs. *Ad

Tip: Instead of buying individually, it is best for end customers in Germany to order ready-made sets or at least put together everything from the battery to the inverter to the solar panel in a shopping cart, as there may even be 0% VAT here. All exact details can be found at the Federal Ministry of Finance and at the respective store where the products are purchased. But beware, at the time of testing, there is still the limit of 600 watts in Germany for a micro inverter, while the operation of 800 watts MWR as a micro inverter is not yet allowed and mobile solar modules under 300 watts for camping purposes are not exempt from VAT according to the Federal Ministry of Finance.

The combination of power station with PV and battery is of course interesting not only on a campsite, where electricity prices are usually enormously high, but especially thanks to the inverter also in the home area.

What the EcoFlow Delta 2 Max with PowerStream, Smartplug and Solar is all about …

We tested the EcoFlow Powerstation, which can be used stationary or mobile and can even be operated completely self-sufficient with a solar panel if desired. The Powerstation offers a total capacity of 2048 Wh (watt hours), the next smaller Delta 2 offers a capacity of 1024 Wh. With the PowerStream inverter, you can feed the generated power from the solar panels or even the power from the battery into the house grid via a conventional Schuko socket! The microinverter is available with 800W or 600W and together with the battery and the solar panels it forms a small microinverter with battery. Optionally EcoFlow Smart Plug sockets are available, with which one can realize a small power management, in order to feed only so much current from the power station into the house net, as is used by the respective consumer at this Smart Plug socket.

The flexible solar panels EF-Flex-M100 tested by us offer a nominal power of 100W each, whereby two of them can be connected in series (2x 2) and two of them in parallel (2x 2+2) on two strings (DC strings), so that one can reach a total of 2x 400 Watt = 800 Watt total power.

Note: However, it is important when selecting and installing the solar modules that the 55VDC and 13A are not exceeded. So under no circumstances connect four EF-Flex-M100 modules in series on one string! We tried it as a test to see if the PowerStream inverter switches off correctly. You get over 71 volts with four EF-Flex-M100 modules in series – the inverter LED turns red and the PowerStream stops working. Only after a power interruption of about 30 seconds the PowerStream inverter activates again.

The delivery of power station and PV …

After our order of the Powerstation with inverter, cables, solar panels and sockets, we received these boxes.

The solar panel boxes come with plenty of instructions on how to transport them correctly and all modules arrived intact.

The Powerstation box shows a schematic illustration of the EcoFlow Delta 2 Max. The type of integrated sockets is not shown, but on the carton of the previously tested EcoFlow River 2 Pro the USA version with NEMA-5 Type B sockets was shown, although the correct EU version with the Schuko sockets was included, so before opening it is best to simply take a look at the product label.

But we will continue to look at the carton for now, because the sides of the carton are also interesting, especially again for the transport company. Here, for example, you can see the dangerous goods sticker, which shows the dangerous goods class 9, because lithium-ion batteries of more than 100Wh must be marked with it. The net weight of the batteries in this case is 23.15kg.

The inverter carton also shows a schematic illustration, where you can also immediately recognize the EcoFlow PowerStream Connection.

On the back of the PowerStream box, it quickly becomes clear what advantages this particular inverter can offer.

As mentioned earlier, we also ordered a couple of Smart Plugs and flat MC4 cables for easy feed-through to a window or door, and the matching BKW Delta EB interconnect cable between PowerStream and the Delta 2 Max.

EcoFlow has also thought about the packaging and has given the top a foam surround for protection by integrating a clearly visible accessory box in the upper area.

Underneath the foam element is the well-preserved power station, which can now be pulled out of the box using the two handles.

This is included in the powerstation scope of delivery …

In addition to the Delta 2 Max, the EcoFlow Delta 2 Powerstation scope of delivery includes an AC charging cable (230V Schuko plug to IEC plug), a charging cable for charging via a motor vehicle, a DC5521 to DC5525 connection cable for charging a notebook, etc. and an EcoFlow Quick Start Guide.

This is included in the solar panel scope of delivery …

Included with the EcoFlow solar panel is a user manual along with a warranty card.

Under the protective foam, you can immediately see the PV module together with the permanently mounted DC connection cables, which have already been fitted with MC4 connectors at the factory.

This is included in the PowerStream scope of delivery …

After tearing off the top flap, you can remove the two boxes included.

Included is the inverter, a protective cover with integrated cable puller (see EcoFlow PowerStream Video), a mounting plate including screws and dowels for wall mounting, and a BKW AC cable with Schuko plug and a BKW solar cable with four MC4 connectors for two DC strings.

This is included in the accessories …

Of course, we would also like to take a look at the small accessory boxes of the cables and smartplugs already at this point, which by the way come with a small quick start guide.

EcoFlow Delta 2 Powerstation Video …

If you want to sit back comfortably and watch a video with all the accessories, here is the EcoFlow PowerStream Micro Inverter with Solar and Powerstation Video on our Funkyhome YouTube Channel. And here’s a direct link to the EcoFlow Delta 2 Max Powerstation video.
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