Homematic Door-Window Sensor Review

After the Homematic Window Rotary Handle Sensor Review, we now have several optical radio door/window sensors as ready-to-use devices and kits tested. This is because the monitoring of window and door handles is effective, but also much more cost-intensive than the much cheaper window sensors and can also determine whether a door or window is really open or closed. We from Funkyhome.de think that the Window Sensors are an useful extension to save heating costs as well as help with security and monitoring, for example to monitor the house from vacation.

Homematic Door-Window Sensor Kosten …

The eQ-3 Homematic Wireless Door-Window Sensor HM-Sec-SCo has at review date a price of approx. 29.95 Euro, a 3 piece set Homematic Wireless Door-Window Sensor, optical HM-Sec-SCo for home automation is about 89.95 Euro and the Homematic Wireless Door-Window Sensor HM-Sec-SCo kit is at review date about 19.95 Euro.

Here you can buy the Homematic Sensor.

The delivery of the Homematic door-door-window sensor …

As already mentioned in the Homematic CCU2 kit review, kits are not delivered in a fancy glossy box, but in a neutral box.

We have ordered both, some kits and a set of 3 ready to use window sensors. The finished door-window sensor from Homematic will be delivered in a stylish glossy cardboard box. Here you can see the set of 3.

The back of the assembled product box already shows some technical data.

The Homematic wireless door-window sensor kit is also supplied in this white box.

The eQ-3 Homematic wireless door-window sensor assembled product box contains the sensor, two cover caps (white and brown), a reflector sticker, a double-sided adhesive strip, two countersunk screws, an AAA micro battery and the operating instructions.

In the eQ-3 Homematic Wireless Door-Window Sensor kit box, on the other hand, the window sensor is delivered in a few individual parts, which are quickly soldered together using the enclosed assembly instructions, as we will see in the further course of the test.

Now we come to the technical details of the Homematic wireless door-window sensor.

Homematic Door-Window Sensor Details …