Berner GA101 Accumulator Garage Door Drive Installation Guide

Emergency release Installation guide …

Of course, the emergency release is also very important. The emergency release the emergency release cable is inserted into the small clamp and then hooked into the emergency release mechanism.

Here you can see the emergency release cable hooked in, but we want to add a Bowden cable later. This can be ordered separately, but we’ll show that in the next video, which will follow shortly. This one is really just to get out of the garage in case the engine goes on strike and you get locked in somehow. Well sounds funny but can happen and that you then unhook the guide carriage with the emergency release rope to then be able to push the garage door up manually.

However, you have to be careful that the emergency release cable can not get caught anywhere or even the driver can bump against somewhere. But for this afterwards the gate end positions can determine, with which we can avoid then such problems.

Which brings us to the door end stop.

Garage door drive door end stop assembly …