Homematic CCU2 Central Review

Result and general impression …

We are very excited about the Homematic CCU2 central unit, even though it is already available for some time. The CCU2 kit is assembled in a few seconds, the CCU2 can be put into operation without further Linux or programming knowledge and the possibilities of the Central Control Unit 2 are almost unlimited!

What we didn’t like about the CCU2 WebUI interface when it came to work and programming, etc., is the sometimes quite annoying use of frames. Windows are partly opened in small scrollable windows. Furthermore, the performance is not very fast when customizing the programs, editing the devices, etc. and so almost every click takes one or more seconds. Later in the finished environment the performance is sufficient even for more complex tasks, but we would like a faster processor and a more appealing WebUI interface, which should be best built for use on the tablet or smartphone responsive.

Here a fast quadcore Raspberry Pi 3 with HomeMatic HM-OCCU-SDK radio module *Ad and Open ELEC, Scratch, Raspbian Jessy Light, etc. and the corresponding Homematic Open-Source Software or a finished HomeMatic Raspberry Pi Image or FHEM would help. The performance is much faster, but then the manufacturer eQ-3 is outside and depending on the project you may not get any updates at all.

Ultimately, every user has to decide how the homematic system is to be set up at home and how much value is placed on performance for faster operation. This Homematic CCU2 kit is an easy way to get started and the expansion possibilities are almost unlimited.

With these strong functions at such a favourable price the Homematic CCU2 Zentrale receives the Funkyhome.de Price Tip Award!

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