Homematic CCU2 Central Review

The technical data …

Manufacturer eQ-3 Homematic
Product CCU2 Central HM-Cen-O-TW-x-x-2 Kit: 132027
CCU2 Central HM-Cen-O-TW-x-x-2 Finished product: 103584
Dimensions 150 mm x 116 mm x 34 mm (HxWxD)
Weight 165 grams
Color white
Connectors 1x Mini USB Host Interface
1x USB Type-A Device Interface
1x 10/100 Mbit/s LAN Port Auto-MDIX
1x 5V power supply connection (hollow plug socket max. 1200 mA power consumption)
Wireless Radio 868.3 MHz
SRD Class 2
400 meters free field radio range
<1% duty cycle per hour (36 seconds per hour)
Other 1x button (rescue button)
Freescale i.MX280 454 MHz Processor
256 MB NAND Flash (externally expandable via Micro SD card)
SMSC LAN8720A 100 Mbit/s LAN Chip with cable detection (Auto-MDIX)
Ricoh RS5C372A Real Time Clock Standard IP or DHCP
Default URL: https://homematic-ccu2
3x LEDs (Power, Internet, Info)

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