Velux Heat Protection Awning Review

We haven’t had such a warm spring like this for a long time! And so some of us in the top floor are probably plagued by too high temperatures. Anyone who has put his bedroom, children’s room or office up there will certainly be happy about any drop in temperature. Of course, if the temperature in the top floor is too high or too low, the roof insulation also plays a role, but not only that. If you look at the roof window with the thermal imaging camera, it quickly becomes clear how much roof windows heat up! The test will show whether a Velux heat protection awning is suitable for reducing the temperature at low cost.

A little note beforehand …

Actually it was not planned to publish a test for this manually operated heat protection awning on, because it is not electrically operated. But since the result is so astonishing, we didn’t want to withhold these results from other readers who are plagued by similarly high temperatures in the attic in summer. After all, energy efficiency is also part of the smart home, even if the (funky) home is not always operated by radio. Nevertheless, we keep the test a bit shorter and only want to go into the essential points together with practical testing. But who knows, maybe we will test an electrically operated sun protection awning again in time.

Velux heat protection awning costs …

A Velux heat protection awning costs between 50 and 150 Euro, depending on the size of the roof window. To order, read the Velux window’s type plate on the upper side of the window and then select the appropriate sun protection blind. For the test, we use a small Velux GGU C04, where the heat protection awning with article number MHL CK00 5060 costs around 60 Euro. We also use a large Velux GPL 606, where the heat protection awning with the article number MHL SK00 5060 costs approx. 100 Euro.

In both cases, we decided to go for the “manual with retaining claws” version first to see whether such an external sun protection blind really keeps the heat away from the window. Electrically operated, the large version would cost around 350 Euro and the solar-powered version a proud 450 Euro. Since the old blackout blind was also to be replaced, we decided to go for a Velux heat protection awning set with blackout blind DOP C04 and DOP S06.

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The delivery of the Velux Heat Protection Awning …

As mentioned before, we have decided on a set consisting of the heat protection awning and the blackout blind, whereby these are mounted completely independently of each other.

The two boxes are glued together in the set.

Included are the heat protection awning as well as various holders for different window types, screws, some plasticine, screws, holding claws and a manual with pictures only. We would have liked some text to the pictures, but then the manufacturer would have had to make them multilingual. But the assembly is quasi self-explanatory and there is even a Torx bit (heat protection awning) and a Torx screwdriver (blackout blind) included in the set.

Now we come to the construction of the roller blind.

Velux Heat Protection Awning Layout, design and features …