SpotCam HD Cloud Camera Review

Result and general impression …

The cloud-based SpotCam HD WiFi surveillance camera is relatively easy to install and can be accessed from a mobile device after the login procedure.

The SpotCam HD already offers numerous functions such as the free 24 hour video recording in a cloud and the subsequent time-lapse function.

All in all, the SpotCam HD lacks some flexibility, for example with regard to direct connection to the home network without Internet access. The SpotCam HD can currently only be accessed via the Internet.

Security-critical users will certainly be deterred from buying SpotCam HD at precisely this point. But those who can live with it and trust the provider will find this SpotCam HD to be an easy-to-use surveillance camera for the home or office.

Before using and installing a surveillance camera outdoors, you should also inform yourself about the respective legal regulations.

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