SpotCam HD Cloud Camera Review

Layout, design and other features …

The SpotCam HD makes a good optical impression and is cleanly processed. On the front you can see the 110 degree wide-angle camera including the IR LEDs, status LEDs and microphone.

This is what the back of the SpotCam HD looks like.

There you can see a switch for the first installation as Access Point (AP) and as Client and the socket for the 12 Volt power supply.

On the top of the camera body there is a small speaker for sound output. So you can not only record a sound, but also output a sound to the camera.

This is what the underside of the HD SpotCam looks like with the wall mount attached.

The camera can be easily removed from the wall mount – in our opinion a bit too light.

The SpotCam HD can be tilted for optimal alignment.

All in all, the SpotCam HD is well processed and can be mounted well, but still doesn’t look quite like a professional surveillance camera, as you can see here on the left in comparison to a Mobotix surveillance camera.

The separate SpotCam HD Installation Guide shows how to install and configurate the SpotCam HD.

SpotCam HD field test …