SpotCam HD Cloud Camera Review

Practical testing …

The SpotCam portal offers numerous options, first and foremost a continuous recording option, whereby 1 day of recording in the cloud is free and more than 1 day in retrospect is subject to a charge. Especially interesting is the time-lapse mode, which allows you to watch the 24 hour video recording in fast time-lapse.

Zoom and volume settings, as well as a pause button are also included in the basic view.

Of course there are also a lot of settings like deactivation of the LED display, 180° rotation for overhead mounting, SD mode for low bandwidths …

… Night vision switching and sound recording.

Then there are alarm functions with automatic mail for movements and/or noises.

By the way, including motion mask, as with professional surveillance cameras.

And this according to a desired schedule.

Up to the release of the video stream of the SpotCam HD …

… The creation and editing of a movie, snapshot function and transmission of speech to the webcam, is quite possible.

However, the snapshot function did not work correctly in the test and only displayed the first captured image despite updating the website and reacts very sluggishly. The download contains the updated image. This image was also taken with a SpotCam watermark. Also, the file name does not change after time, but only consists of the serial number of the SpotCam HD.

If you click on a function that has not been set up, this is acknowledged with an error message.

Some of these functions can then be reordered free of charge and some with costs in the monthly billing cycle.

By the way, this is how the picture looks like in night vision mode.

The picture quality was quite positive, but despite the fast connection to the web, there was a delay of 3-7 seconds in our test when displaying the SpotCam HD Cam video stream. We also miss a possibility to adjust the sharpness, brightness, image detail, volume of the webcam loudspeaker and much more what we would wish for from a surveillance camera.

In our test, the power consumption of the SpotCam HD was 5.4 watts on average, depending on the operating mode, which is quite positive for a WiFi camera.

SpotCam HD conclusion and overall impression …