EcoFlow Delta 2 Max Smart Extra Battery Review

Affordable Battery for PowerStream and Powerstation! After a few hours of operation with the EcoFlow Delta 2 Max and the PowerStream in the previous review, today we would like to take a look at the Delta 2 Max Smart Extra Battery 2kWh extra battery on First of all, although it sounds like a pure upgrade battery of the Delta 2 Max Powerstation to 4kWh, in many cases it may even be a low-cost competitor to the EcoFlow Powerstation!

Thanks for the support …

Thanks for the support to the manufacturer EcoFlow.

The EcoFlow Delta 2 Max Smart Extra Battery with 2048Wh has a price of approx. 1499 Euro at the review date.

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There are also various solar panels, smart plugs and power stations from EcoFlow.

Tip: Instead of buying them individually, as an end customer in Germany it is best to order complete sets or at least put everything together in a shopping cart, from the battery to the inverter to the solar panel, as there may even be 0% VAT here. All the exact details can be found at the Federal Ministry of Finance and at the respective store where the products are purchased. But beware, at the time of testing, there is still a limit of 600 watts for a micro inverter in Germany, whereby the operation of an 800 watt MWR as a balcony power plant is not yet permitted and mobile solar modules under 300 watts for camping purposes are also not exempt from VAT, at least according to the Federal Ministry of Finance.

This is what the EcoFlow Delta 2 Max Smart Extra Battery is all about …

The EcoFlow Delta 2 Max Smart Extra Battery is a 2kWh battery, one of which can be connected to an EcoFlow Delta 2 Max Powerstation for upgrade to 4kWh or two for expansion to 6kWh. As we will show in the test, this extra battery can also be connected directly to the EcoFlow PowerStream micro inverter and, with the appropriate solar modules (see here in the test), you get a balcony power plant with 2kWh storage and extensive control via app! Even an extension to power management with smart feed-in on demand via the EcoFlow Smart Plug sockets is easily possible and even significantly cheaper than the solution using the Delta 2 Max Powerstation.

The delivery of the EcoFlow Smart Extra Battery …

After placing our order, we received the EcoFlow EFD350-EB Smart Extra Battery safe and sound in this rather large box. The extra battery box shows a schematic illustration with the inscription EcoFlow Smart Extra Battery Max.

On the side of the box we find, among other things, stickers with the exact description “EcoFlow Delta 2 Max Smart Extra Battery” and the weight, which is approx. 20 kg. There is also some more information for the transport company, including a hazardous goods sticker showing the hazardous goods class 9 for lithium-ion batteries of more than 100Wh and the total net weight of the batteries of 18.35kg.

EcoFlow has put a lot of thought into the packaging and has provided foam surrounds on the top and bottom for protection. The two holes are for easy removal of the foam layer. There is no edged accessory box this time and we will show you why.

The extra battery is located under the foam element and can now be pulled out of the box using the two handles. It is best to clamp the box with your feet – by the way, sturdy shoes are highly recommended when working with heavy products.

This is included in the Smart Extra Battery scope of delivery …

Then we come to the reason why there is no need for an accessory box. EcoFlow even has space for a small secret compartment in this expansion battery, which contains the connection cable and a manual – great, so nothing gets lost!

Here you can see the supplied connection cable again. This EcoFlow extra battery cable is approx. 1 meter long (approx. 106 cm incl. plug) and is used to connect the EcoFlow Delta 2 Max extra battery with an EcoFlow Delta 2 Max Powerstation or EcoFlow Wave 2, etc. and is even available from EcoFlow as a 5 meter connection cable for approx. 170 euros.

Note: However, the supplied EcoFlow extra battery cable is not suitable for connecting the extra battery to the PowerStream inverter, as a special cable must be ordered for this purpose, which we have shown here in the EcoFlow PowerStream installation guide.

EcoFlow Delta 2 smart extra battery Video …

If you want to sit back and relax and watch a video about the EcoFlow balcony power station with storage, you can watch the EcoFlow PowerStream balcony power station with solar and Powerstation video on our Funkyhome YouTube channel. Here you can go directly to the EcoFlow Delta 2 Max Powerstation video and here you can see the new EcoFlow Delta 2 Max extra battery video.
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