Tribit AquaEase Review

Layout, design and features …

The Tribit AquaEase is circular. The controls are positioned around the centered speaker grille and around it is the milky area that will later delight us with fancy RGB lighting. There is also an LCD display in front that shows the current time.

The display is relatively simple, but it is enough for a quick glance in the morning to see how much time is left until you have to leave. We can also already see the RGB illumination here.

There are more speaker openings and the nameplate on the bottom. If you do not hang the AquaEase by its loop but lay it down, it stands well decoupled on small rubber feet.

The USB-C charging port and a microSD card slot are well protected behind a rubber cover on the side. You can also simply enjoy music via memory card and do not necessarily have to have the smartphone always paired and within reach.

Tribit AquaEase Practical testing …