Ring Video Doorbell Pro with Ring Chime Review

Layout, design and features …

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro looks very classy and makes a high-quality processed impression.

In the upper area you can see the small hole for the microphone, an LED, below that the 1080p camera, below that is the ring button, which is enclosed with an LED ring and below that there are IR LEDs and the ring lettering.

On the back of the Doorbell is under the Mac address and serial number also the power connection, which fortunately needs only two wires. Anyone who wants to modernize their house should be very happy about this, because often only two or three wires were laid as bell wire to the Doorbell. So it is not necessary to lay new wires, because these two cables is certainly present in everyone. And who would like to attach its Doorbell at a new position, could fall back even to a Ring Doorbell with battery, which one could install even in the center of a glass door. Also, if you wish, you can still continue to use your old house bell, but it is essential to make the right choice in the settings (Devices -> Doorbell -> Gear -> Doorbell package settings): None, digital, mechanical – if the wrong selection is made, the supplied 1A glass fuse will blow! We explain this again in the Ring Video Doorbell Pro Installation Guide.

If you were surprised that the Doorbell looked completely different in the previous pictures, you will find the explanation here, because the covers are changeable! By the way, you do not need to try to nibble out or even tear off the protective film, because as soon as you have pressed off the frame, you can easily pull off the protective films. The easiest way to pull off the cover is to press a finger on the middle area below the ring button and then pull on the outer frame. By the way, there is a T6 star screw underneath the frame, which you have to unscrew first, of course, if you had already mounted it 😉

Here you can see again all the included covers of the Ring Video Doorbell Pro, which you can swap to your heart’s content, great thing!

By the way, the supplied mounting plate (Retrofit Kit see first page) helps with the installation. It not only contains a drilling aid and a small spirit level for alignment, but is also slightly larger than the Ring Doorbell, so that holes in the old bell can be covered. It also creates a little more space behind the doorbell to accommodate wires and WAGO clamps. However, the retrofit kit installation is optional.

However, for this Ring Video Doorbell Pro to work at all, it of course needs power as mentioned above. To be more precise, 16-24 V AC, which is best obtained from the supplied Ring DIN rail transformer. However, since the installation at the fuse box should only be carried out by electricians or similar specialists, we do not want to go into further details at this point. Those who work on the electrical distribution board or distribution box will know all the necessary steps to replace the old ring transformer with the new Ring AUBT1-24 8V/12V/24V DIN rail transformer anyway. If you want to save yourself this work, you could use a battery-powered Ring Doorbell 2.

As soon as the Ring Doorbell Pro is connected, the LED ring around the doorbell button lights up. Not yet completely, but only a part, but more about that in a moment in the installation instructions.

Also included in the set is the Ring Chime with adapters for different countries. The special feature of this wireless doorbell is also the possibility to install several door chimes, for example one on each floor. However, an IP44 sticker is not available, so do not use the Ring Chime outside in the garden!

Looks chic and helps with installation – the Ring Chime features glowing blue Ring lettering.

Overall, the Ring Video Doorbell Pro and the Ring Chime are neatly finished and the installation is quickly done with a bit of craftsmanship as well as the appropriate electrician. Ring explains all the necessary steps in the instructions and on numerous videos.

The Ring app installation is also relatively easy, even though it consists of many individual steps. The manufacturer Ring could offer a quick installation for experienced users to summarize all steps in one or two points. We first tested the Ring Always Home app on a Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone with Android 8 and Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone with Android 11 and later on an Apple iPad Air 2 with iOS. We show how to install the Ring Video Doorbell Pro and what to keep in mind when installing the door chime in the separate Ring Doorbell Pro installation guide.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro Practical testing …